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Induce Stimulating, Creative Dreams

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A new Dream Stimulator & Sleeping Aid App.


BedMate will stimulate your dreams before you wake up during your natural REM (Rapid Eye Movement) cycle.

Wake up Refreshed or Stimulated from a series of BedMate’s Custom REM cycle options.







Select your REM Dreams from:

  • Tranquil Japanese Zen Garden

  • Relaxing Jungle Sounds

  • Subtle, Thought Provoking, Stimulating Dreams

  • A Relaxing Countryside, Bird Garden with Church Bells in the background

  • A Fun Party atmosphere


As you go to bed, Bedmate also sends you off to sleep with relaxing, soporific sounds of nature.


As you fall asleep, select from soporific sounds:

  • Thundering Storms

  • Rain

  • Wind

  • A Running Stream


An alarm is also included with 4 alarm sounds to wake you up from your Slumber and return you to the day…

BedMate includes timing, fade in for your REM Dream Cycle and volume control of each of it’s 3 phases…

Fade in your REM sounds slowly and softly… so as not to wake up. Instead to Stimulate your Dreams…

Experiment with different REM dream fade in rates and volumes to stimulate your dreams the best way for you.


Control the way your three sounds play during your sleep.

  • Sleep Cycle

  • REM Dream Stimulation Cycle

  • Alarm Cycle






In the following steps we’ll use BedMate to play some Sleep Sound, Set an Alarm to go off in the morning and set a REM sound cycle.



Select your preferred sounds. Switch to the Settings View. Select the three sounds that you’d like the most. You can test each sound by pressing ‘Sample’.

Next, using the Sliders on the Settings View, Select the length of time you’d like the REM sound cycle to play for. Set the Sleep cycle time and the Alarm cycle time in the same way.

Similarly, set the volumes of each cycle. We recommend you set the REM cycle at a low volume and use the fade slider to set the time to slowly fade in the REM sounds. They idea it to not be too loud. You don’t want to wake up. You just want to have subconscious dreams.



Return to the Play control View.

Set the Alarm time by pressing the ‘Set Alarm’ button as shown below:



Select which functions you want to play? Alarm, REM, Sleep – all of them to ON.

Check your Alarm time.

The REM Start time is the Alarm time, minus the REM play time.

The REM cycle will always start before the Alarm time, at a time defined REM Duration slider.

For example: If REM Duration is set to 30mins. And the Alarm time is set to 7:00am, then the REM cycle start time will be 6:30am.



For the very best in sound quality, we recommend the use of a Bluetooth Speaker system. We like the Bose boxes.

For example, this one:   Quality Bose Bedside Bluetooth Speaker

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